E3: PS4 Hardware Reveal, Stance On Used Games, and Xbox One Comparison

With the start of E3, the next console generation war has officially started.  Microsoft and Sony both unveiled new information on the first day of E3 regarding their respective next generation consoles.  Here’s what we know so far:

Sony PlayStation 4

  • MSRP: $399, expected launch: November, 2013
  • Supports used games (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWSIFh8ICaA)
  • No 24 hour check-in system, all single player games can be played offline
  • Media services will not require PS Plus (Netflix, HBO, etc.)
  • PS Plus mandatory for multiplayer
  • 500 GB hard drive at launch 

Xbox One

  • MSRP: $499, expected launch: November, 2013
  • Games can only be transferred once, no used games
  • 24 hour check-in, cannot play games if console does not check-in
  • Xbox Live subscription required for media services
  • Xbox Live mandatory for multiplayer
  • 500 GB hard drive at launch
Heading in the exact opposite direction of Microsoft, Sony’s emphasis on putting gaming first and game ownership has generated immense excitement in the gaming community.  Gamers are emphatic Sony is listening to their desire for disc based games and no online requirement.  In a world where a high speed connection is not universally available, many gamers still require disc based games as well as an offline mode to play.  Sony has embraced the entirety of the gaming community by allowing those in rural areas to enjoy their console.  The PS4, in many ways, is being marketed as a pure gaming experience.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is the taking a vastly different approach in relation to the PS4.  Microsoft has decided to eliminate the used game market by allowing players to transfer their purchased game once.  Players can only transfer games to an individual who has been on their friend’s list for a minimum of 30 days.  Additionally, all consoles must be online once every 24 hours to maintain the console’s ability to play games.  If players fail to check-in once every 24 hours, the console will not allow any games to be played.  This form of DRM has not been well received by the gaming community as gamers’ expressed their anger over these restrictions.

As the first day of E3 wraps up, Microsoft and Sony have revealed their interpretation of the future of gaming.  Both companies have revealed their console hardware, game play footage, and different features in a bid to attract gamers to their console.  With the majority of gamers unsure of their purchasing different, gamers are looking forward to finding out more at this year’s E3.

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