News: Spawning "Respawns" In Starcraft II

Blizzard has brought back the Spawning feature to Starcraft II.   New players who have the Starter Edition of the game can now join a friend with the full copy and receive temporary access to all of the game’s content until the player with the full game leaves.  If players join an individual with Heart of the Swarm, they will also receive access to the expansion’s multiplayer content.

Players can access all team games playing against the A.I, all ranked and unranked team ladders, all custom maps, and the entire arcade mode.  It is important to note that spawned players cannot play the single player campaign, access social features, and choose which race to play.  The Starter Edition race is currently restricted to Terran.   Owners of the game can spawn up to 14 players simultaneously with one purchased copy of Starcraft II.  If you own the full game and are spawning up a player, you will receive an additional 25% experience for each match played.  There is no limit on how many experience points can be earned by playing with spawned players.  Lastly, Blizzard has added a new achievement and portrait for playing with a spawned player.
As someone who has played Starcraft since its inception, it is a welcome feature to the Starcraft II universe.  I’m excited to share the world of Starcraft with several friends who were unwilling to play the single player campaign, but will be thrilled to try out the multiplayer before committing to a purchase.  If you have not played Starcraft II, the Starter Edition is available for free by signing up for a free account on

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