News: Xbox One Ships Without Headset

The Xbox 360 is arguably the most social console of this generation.  Microsoft’s decision to include a headset with every Xbox 360 decidedly increased the social aspect of the console when compared to the PS3 which shipped without a communication device.  In a seemingly bizarre move, Microsoft has decided to not include a headset with the Xbox One.

While the Xbox One will include a Kinect with 4 built-in microphones, it will be interesting to see how the lack of a dedicated communication device will impact competitive play for multiplayer titles.  Gamers who are used to communicating with their teams/clans as a cohesive unit to conquer their enemies may be slightly put off by the exclusion of a dedicated headset for a console that already ships for $100 more than its competitor.  Sony is including a headset with every PS4 to emphasize its gamer centric focus for the next generation.  Only time will tell if the updated Kinect will be a suitable replacement for a dedicated headset.

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