Site News: x86 Gamer Returning With New Content!

Hello Everyone,

I've been running x86 Gamer since June 2013 and you may have noticed a lack of new content in the previous two months.  A few changes are going to take place throughout the year including a new content schedule beginning with reviews and opinion pieces.  There will be new reviews posted every Sunday and new opinion pieces posted every Friday.

Live streaming IS on its way as soon as next gen consoles hit their next production run (I'm on my 5th Xbox 360 and will NOT be an early adopter this generation). In addition to a new content schedule, I will continue covering and attending events.  I'm excited to see everyone at Fan Expo Vancouver this year as that is the first event of 2014 for x86 Gamer!  I hope everyone is looking forward to the new content and I can't wait to drive back in ^_^!

What new content do you want to see on x86 Gamer?

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