News: Anime Revolution 2016 Games Room Coverage

The games room was back at this year's Anime Revolution with all of the gaming action as previous years except with one notable change: tournaments.  This year's game room upped the ante on tournament action and definitely drew some big crowds as onlookers cheered for their favourite players over the course of three days.  Taking place in Ballroom C once again, the AniRevo games room combined tabletop, vanplay, and video games into one room this year.

The games room successfully combined all gaming elements into one room this year; however one change from 2015 did remain as gamers were gaming hard on CRTs or LCDs based on the game's requirements.  This led to accurate input/reaction time and presented an excellent environment for competitive gamers to really showcase their skill set.  As is quickly becoming a theme over the subsequent years, this year's games room was run exceptionally well with nearly every tournament beginning and ending on time. I can wholeheartedly say that this is one of the best run games rooms of any event that I have attended and the staff should be incredibly proud of their accomplishments.


As with every games room, the primary focus was the games themselves! This year's games room featured prizes sponsored by Anime Revolution with individual tournaments run by Anime Revolution, Vancouver Street Battle, Canadian Joysticks, and UBCEA.  All tournaments followed a single elimination format this year for speed and efficiency resulting in well run tournaments.  The tournaments that took place this year were:

Dance Dance Revolution (Presented by Anime Revolution)

1st (Center): Wayland Chin
2nd (Left): Robert Smith
3rd (Right): Jonjon Decasa

Pokken (New 2016, Presented by Vancouver Street Battle)

1st (Center): Hugo Liu (Bananaca)
2nd (Left): Lorenzo Ferrera (Schiller)
3rd (Right): Matthew Pin (PretzelPuma)

Puzzle Fighter (New 2016, Presented by Vancouver Street Battle)

1st (Center): Derek Hui
2nd (Left): Jackson Dang
3rd (Right): Jermaine Peralta

Hatsune Miku Project Diva (New 2016, Presented by Canadian Joysticks)

1st (Center): Christian Lim
2nd (Left): Karin Shimill
3rd (Right): Donathan Yung

Smash 4 (Presented by Vancouver Street Battle)

1st (Center): Jason Seen
2nd (Left): Shoghi Singh
3rd (Right): Daniel Agustin

Blazeblue Chrono Phantasma (Presented by Vancouver Street Battle)

1st (Center):  Conner Gildemeister
2nd (Left): Sebastian Ryan Talarczyk English
3rd (Right): Matthew Costinak

Guilty Gear XRD -Revelator- (New 2016, Presented by Vancouver Street Battle)

1st (Center): Conner Gildemeister
2nd (Left): Eric Lam
3rd (Right): Louie Sol

Street Fighter V (Presented by Vancouver Street Battle)

1st (Center): John Reed
2nd (Left): Brendan Adams
3rd (Right): David Lee

Super Smash Melee (Presented by UBCEA)

1st (Center): Derek Pang
2nd (Left): Spencer Gray
3rd (Right): James Holtman
4th (Far Left): Evan Rodriguez

Video Game Music Trivia

While gaming specific panels were less prominent this year, I did manage to stumble across what I considered to be my absolute favourite panel of 2016: Video Game Music Trivia.  I went to this panel not quite knowing what I would find, but I was delighted to discover the abundance of gamers who could easily identify classics or what seemed like very random obscure tracks, but were actually quite familiar!  Three players were randomly chosen to participate in the jeopardy styled video game music trivia game with the audience playing for candy if all three participants failed to correctly guess the track while winners were able to snag their coveted choice of snack as the ultimate game prize. This interactive panel was a great addition to Anime Revolution 2016 and I hope to see it 2017!

Foam Sword Tournament

The foam sword tournament was back by popular demand for 2016 featuring the same fighting action as last year where competitor's faced off in a closed off arena with their foam weapon of choice.  Competitors started with a set amount of health points based upon their weapon of choice and lost a point for every hit they received until a winner emerged.  This single elimination tournament brought forth some fierce competitors with winner receiving an Attack on Titan replica sword and the runner up an awesome foam battle axe!
Winner: Evan Bentley-Inouye

Runner up: Sean Joel


All in all, this year's Anime Revolution Games Room was an immense success.  The focus on intense, competitive gaming brought forth some of the greatest gaming moments of the year condensed into three days of solid action packed days.  If you haven't had a chance to stop by the games room in the past, I highly recommend taking the time out of your con experience to venture in and see top notch talent compete or simply to unwind after a long day.  Either way, I'll see you there next year!

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