E3: Xbox One Exclusives Revealed

E3 is heading into its third day and a slew of games have already been previewed at this year’s conference.  The following games have been shown and announced at E3 as Xbox One exclusives:

Ryse: Son of Rome – Crytek

Leaving behind the futuristic world of Crysis, Crytek is now focused on bringing ancient Rome back to life in Ryse: Son of Rome.  Players play as Marius Titus and fight various battles in order to restore the glory of Rome.  The demo shows off a dark colour palette and lighting reminiscent of Battlefield 3 without the flashlights.  The game play itself seems to be a hack and slash in third person view littered with quick time events if the player chooses to forgo using quick time events. Overall, it looks like an intriguing game and is the very capable hands of Crytek.  Excited to see more of Ryse!

Quantum Break – Remedy Entertainment

The Quantum Break trailer leaves much to be desired, but all in a good way.  The trailer offers just enough mystery by showing the main character freezing time and pulling out another individual from an explosion.  From there, the trailer hints at the misuse of research and, before we can find out anymore, the explosion occurs with the trailer ending.  Quantum Break appears to be a heavily story driven game focusing on short intense moments.  This trailer shows just enough to capture your attention and want more.

D4 – Swery 

Following in the footsteps of the massively successful The Walking Dead by Telltale Games, D4 will be presented in an episodic format.  Little is known about D4 beyond its short trailer; however, it looks like the title will be a heavily story driven with bursts of carefully choreographed action.  Hopefully, we will see more of this title in the near future.

Dead Rising 3 – Capcom 

Forge your own weapons to take on the zombie horde.  Dead Rising is back as an exclusive with all of the classic game play of the first two games.  Players travel through an open world full of eye popping zombies who are eager to tear you apart.  Use vehicles to travel from one point to the other and progress through the areas as you wish.  It will be interesting to see how Dead Rising 3 builds upon its predecessors and looks to be another entry into an already over saturated zombie market.

Titanfall – Respawn Entertainment

Titanfall spices up the traditional shooter genre with the introduction of titans who are effectively military mechs.  Players can use the titan to destroy other titans, stomp on enemies, and wreak havoc on the battlefield.  Players can also play as regular soldiers who have the ability to parkour and jetpack from area to area.  If the trailer is any indication, the shooter dynamics look very smooth with a point allocation system awarding accuracy and completion of objectives.  Titanfall looks like it will be an interesting twist on a somewhat stale shooter genre.

Sunset Overdrive – Insomniac Games

Sunset Overdrive might change how we play games forever.  Insomniac Games is touting this title as one that changes every day.  An open world shooter overrun by mutants awaits players as they enter the world of Sunset Overdrive.  Sunset Overdrive will utilize cloud computing to change the player’s experience and add new dynamics to the game every day.  Insomniac Games has not elaborated on how this will function, but the concept could revolutionize gaming if executed well.

Kinect Sports Rivals – Rare

Kinect Sports Rival is the latest entry into the already thriving Kinect Sports line.  Rivals consists of climbing, soccer, wake racing, bowling, target shooting, and tennis.  Scores will be posted on online leader boards where players can compete against their friends and family for the top score around the world.  Additionally, the trailer demonstrated during the climbing portion that players can pull their competitors from the wall in a race to the top creating a far more competitive atmosphere than previous installments of the franchise.  Kinect Sports Rivals looks like a fun, refreshing reboot of the Kinect Sports line.

Crimson Dragon – Grounding Inc., Land Ho! Co. Ltd.

Crimson Dragon appears to be a flying game where players take control of a dragon to fight other dragons and move through a variety of environments. Humans coexist on a planet with dragons and not much more is alluded to in relation to the storyline.  Hopefully, we will see more information on this exclusive in the near future. 

Halo – 343 Studios

The next installment of the classic Xbox exclusive made its way to E3 with a short trailer showing a cloaked Master Chief wading through a sandstorm towards remnants of broken objects.  While this announcement was expected, it is always a pleasure to see how 343 Studios will shape the world of Halo for long time fans.

Forza 5 – Turn 10

Another classic Xbox exclusive is back in new form on the Xbox One.  Visually enticing with clean lines, detailed designs, and beautiful landscapes, the evolution of Forza is looking stunning in this preview.

E3 has provided the platform for Microsoft to showcase a multitude of titles in a variety of genres for its next generation console.  The titles look to provide a buffet of exclusives for Xbox One owners who have felt the Xbox 360 did not have as many exclusives as the PlayStation 3.  This lineup of titles reassures Xbox fans that there will be exclusives tailored specifically for the Xbox One heading their way made just for them.

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