News: CS:GO Operation Payback Extended Until August 31!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive's Operation Payback has earned map makers $150,000 since the beginning of the operation.  Due to the immense success of Operation Payback, Valve has decided to extend the operation until August 31!  If you haven't had a chance to pick up your Operation Payback pass for $0.99 (85% off from $5.99) through Steam.  Players receive a bronze coin for participating in Operation Payback and can level their coin up to Silver by playing for 10 hours or Gold by playing for a total of 50 hours.  The pass allows players to access the following maps in the Classic Casual playlist:
  • Museum - Created By: FMPONE, 3Dnj, and penE
  • Downtown - Created By: Tanuki
  • Thunder - Created By: H.Grunt
  • Favela - Created By: Rick
  • Motel - Created By: Soctom and Cocyx
  • Seaside - Created By: Tanuki
  • Library - Created By: Oskar "Oskmos" Jansson
My personal favourite is Seaside followed by Motel and Museum!  Hope everyone enjoys the operation and happy gaming :)!

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