News: LANcouver 2013 - Day 1 Photos!

LANcouver 2013 is underway! Photos from the first day are up and I will be posting more shots for days 2 and 3.  If you can't be therein person and still want to catch the action, live streams of the event can be found at for CS:GO, SC2: HOTS, and League of Legends.  Tomorrow is the start of the first and second League of Legends Brackets, Part 2/3 of the SC2 competition, and Part 2/Finals for CS:GO.  Happy Gaming!


  1. Is that all of them? Shouldn't there be like at least over 100?

    1. Hi Tennesee,

      The photos up are for the first day of the event only! More photos have been posted and the last set will be up tomorrow :). Additional photos can also be found on the official LANcouver Facebook page at!

  2. the picture shows me a good place to play game!