Anime Revolution 2013: Final Day of Awesome Cosplays!

The final day of Anime Revolution 2013 showcased a few new cosplays and allowed x86 Gamer to track down a couple of cosplays that were missed earlier in the con!  Borderlands, Team Fortress 2, and Metal Gear Solid all made an appearance as well as many more.  Take a look at who was around on the last day below!

Disclaimer:  All cosplay designs belong to their respective owners with photos taken by


  1. I have your card that I got at the convention but I don't see a picture of us posted here...did you happen to take a picture of Hetalia cosplayers, dressing from the American Revolution?

    1. Hello! I did take photos of Hetalia cosplayers! I wasn't happy with how the photos turned out so they did not make it up; however I can forward the photos I took of you. Please send an e-mail to or leave your e-mail address here for me to reach you :).

  2. All right, thank you! I sent an email to the address you provided^^

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