Anime Revolution 2013: Games Room Coverage

The games room at Anime Revolution 2013 was full of nonstop gaming action over the weekend!  The venue provided gamers an area to test out their skills on a classic Super Nintendo (Emulator), Nintendo GameCube, PS3, and Xbox 360.  Friday kicked off with an exciting Mario Kart Wii Tournament with players battling their way to the top!  Saturday featured the Super Smash Bros. Tournament with 117 players vying for the top spot.  The sheer number of competitors forced the tournament to run well over its allotted time; however spectators continued to cheer for their favourite player until the winner was decided!  Congratulations to Aaron Le for taking the top spot and Brandon Labelle for receiving the exhibitionist award.

Sunday concluded with the Street Fighter IV tournament where 46 players used their skills to knock out their fellow competitors.  Players chose between using a joystick arcade setup or the Xbox 360 controller with nearly every player choosing the joystick!  The competition was fierce as the single elimination tournament progressed.  By the end of the tournament, Long Tran took first place with Chris Cipriano in second.  The winners each received a wallet courtesy of Treasure Chest Games & Collectibles.

Overall, the Anime Revolution 2013 games room was a great place to catch competitive tournament action, enjoy retro consoles, and participate in card games!  If you missed the games room this year, I highly recommend taking the time to stop by in 2014.  Check out the gallery below and I’ll see you next year in the games room!


  1. haha I was gonna celebrate like that if I won...which made it more disapointin lol.
    Im the guy in blue

    1. Shirt twirling celebrations are always hilarious :)! That moment was probably the highlight of my games room experience.