Review: In Win Rocker Mat

I've had the privilege of using the In Win Rocker Mat for the past few weeks courtesy of In Win at LANcouver 2013.  Gamers often find their mouse pads to be the last accessory requiring an upgrade with the majority of gamers playing without a mouse pad or using older textured mats.  The In Win Rocker Mat will make you revisit the concept of mouse pads and instill a strong desire to upgrade an often forgotten accessory.

The packaging of the Rocker Mat is exceptionally minimal as seen below.  It is effectively an envelope housing the mat with the Rocker logo on one side and products from their other lines featured on the backside.

The "O" on the front is cut out to allow an individual to feel the texture of the mat prior to purchase.  The following features are stated on the front of the packaging:
  • Nano Coating
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Unique Design Made By Aluminum
  • Washable
  • Liquid Resistance
  • Non Slip Base
  • Easy To Clean
Upon opening the packaging, I immediately noticed the mat looks similar to the H-Frame case offered by In Win.  The mat has a nice, heavy weight to it and the padding on the back is obvious as you lift it out of the packaging.  The colour of the mat is vivid and a small In Win logo is engraved into the bottom left hand side of the mat.  Measuring at 9" x 12", the mat is on par with the SteelSeries 4HD size wise.

I used my Razer Orochi to test the Rocker Mat over the duration of a few weeks to see how it performs during every day normal use as well as intense gaming.  In use, the Rocker Mat is exceptionally fluid and works well with the Orochi.  The mat picked up the laser unerringly and did not slip or move during use.

The In Win Rocker Mat is unique, beautiful, and pleasant to use; however it does have one issue that immediately stood out.  As the mouse moves over the mat, it is quite loud.  Every movement generates a sound and this can become annoying quickly if you are surfing the web, listening to music, or gaming.  This sound was my major qualm with the Rocker Mat and may dissuade audiophiles from purchasing this mat.  Apart from the sound and generally cold temperature of the mat, the In Win Rocker Mat is a genuine pleasure to use.  I highly recommend this mat to anyone looking for a durable, smooth, easy to clean mouse pad.

The In Win Rocker Mat is available for $39.99 through their online store at

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