News: Steam Machines and Steam Controller Announced

 Valve's final two announcements consisted of Steam Machines and the Steam Controller.  The Steam Machines are dedicated "consoles" using Steam OS to deliver Steam content in the living room.  The machines will be created by different manufacturers and it is up to the consumer to choose their best fit.  Prices, performance, and designs will vary throughout the line.  Valve will be choosing 300 beta participants to test out their prototype and interested gamers can apply through their Steam profile by completing the Steam Hardware Enthusiast badge requirements.  Gamers have until October 25th, 2013 to meet the beta requirements.  No prototype was released with the announcement.

Valve's final announcement consisted of introducing the world to the Steam Controller.  This unique controller is challenging the status quo of console controllers by eliminating toggle sticks and introducing a dual track pad.  The player feedback systems goes well beyond the traditional "rumble" and will provide gamers in game information to create a more enervating experience.  The controller also features a touch screen consisting of an array of in game options where players can scroll to select an action and confirm it by clicking down on the touch screen which acts as a button.  Additionally, the controller features 16 buttons throughout and Valve states half are accessible without moving your fingers from the default position.  Lastly, Valve is pushing the Steam community to modify their controller as they see fit and to improve upon their initial design.  As with all products, Valve is committed to allowing gamers to modify their hardware and software as they desire.

If you're fortunate enough to be one of the lucky 300 beta participants, I'd love to hear from you at!

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