News: Anime Revolution 2014 Games Room Coverage

The games room at Anime Revolution 2014 was a significant step up from my experience at last year's con.  In 2013, the games room consisted of one of the small meeting rooms located on the upper floor.  The games room was incredibly hot, stuffy, and terrible.  In 2014, everything about the games room changed at Anime Revolution.

The games room was located in Ballroom C which provided ample space and the ability for panels to take place in the games room for the first time at the con!  The games room had an area where board games and card games were signed out to players, a TV/console area to cater to the video game crowd with handheld meetups occurring throughout each day of the con as well as panels which consisted of my personal favourite So You Want To Be A Pokemon Master? Trivia Game.  While I did not participate in the game, it was a blast to watch hardcore fans duke it out and nail questions I wouldn't be able to answer in a million years!

In addition to all of these epic changes, the games room also handed out trophies for the three video game tournaments that took place over the weekend: Street Fighter, Project M, and Dance Dance Revolution.  These trophies were heavily sought after and there were a ton of signups for each tournament!  A side tournament took place for Blaze Blue; however no prizes or trophies were awarded to participants.

Friday, August 22

The Street Fighter tournament kicked off on Friday, August 22 with riveting action beginning at 2 pm (It was running a few hours late due to technical difficulties) and ending at approximately 8 pm.  Gamers played the best of 5 matches per match up with the tournament culminating in the grand finals with last year's Long Tran defending his Anime Revolution 2013 title!  When speaking with Long after the tournament, he stated the competition was not as fierce as in the previous year; however it was still a hard fought victory that tested his skills and forced him to stay on alert.

The other highlight from the games room on Friday was the So You Want To Be A Pokemon Master? trivia game.  Participants were chosen at random from the audience and consisted of three teams of two competing in a Pokemon Jeopardy showdown.  Teams clapped, honked a horn, or used a recorder to buzz in their answers with players losing points for incorrect answers.  The game also included daily doubles which made a huge difference in both rounds of the game and resulted in teams falling prey to the audience's peer pressure to risk it all!  Overall, the game was a huge hit and also had one of the best audience turnouts as well as audience participation.  I really hope this will be featured as part of Anime Revolution 2015!


Saturday, August 23

Saturday kicked off with what would be the longest and most grueling tournament at Anime Revolution: Project M.  This insanely popular game brought forth 50+ signups and resulted in the only tournament not concluding on its assigned day!  The action kicked off at 2 pm and ended for the day at 12 am with the con closing its doors for the day.  The tournament resumed on Sunday with Dawson Perron aka Big D winning this insane gaming marathon.

While Project M was the main attraction for Saturday in the games room, tons of gamers were hitting the consoles and enjoying the open free play throughout the convention!  Gamers had a chance to play Street Fighter, DDR, Chrono Trigger, Tanto Cuore, and Blaze Blue throughout the day.  The action was great!

Sunday, August 24

The final day of the games room concluded with an epic Dance Dance Revolution tournament.  The tournament started late due to technical difficulties (Someone accidentally stepped on the pad controller and it was malfunctioning).  The tournament had some seriously talented competitors and kicked off at 1 pm until 3 pm.  Gamers completed two songs and individuals with the best scores moved on to the next bracket of the tournament.  The grand finals were an absolute blast to watch with Robert Smith winning with nearly a perfect score!  Unfortunately, the trophy was damaged at some point during the con and was not awarded as part of the prize package.

Foam Sword Tournament

The Foam Sword Tournament was not part of the games room; however I couldn't help including it in here as every gamer loves epic sword fights (Who doesn't have a lightsaber or two kicking around?).  I attended this event hoping for some exciting action and it did not disappoint.  This is the first year of the tournament at Anime Revolution and I sincerely hope to see it at the next con.  The room was packed with standing room only as individuals took to the stage with their choice of sword, spear, or shield.  Participants chose their respective weapons and were unable to change their selection during their one on one bout.  The fast paced tournament took place over one and a half hours and provided nonstop entertainment.  The tournament was won by Quintin Wind and he received an extremely cool giant sword as his prize.


This year's Anime Revolution games room was an immense improvement over the tiny, secluded area gamers encountered in the previous year.  The games room was exceptionally well run by the staff and volunteers.  With a slew of activities for every type of gamer, this year's games room was one of the best places to spend time at the con!  The trivia game, interactive panels, handheld meetups, and full fledged trophy and prizes set the games room above the rest at this year's Anime Revolution.  I hope everyone had a great time and I can't wait to see you next year :)!

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